Security and International relations

International community is currently facing a series of crises and conflicts involving heterogeneous actors and fluctuating situations, this change being generated by the already evoked paradigm transformation within the international community. Issues related to conflicts and, consequently, new security needs now requires an integrated approach that takes into account, on the one hand, regional and global issues, and, on the other hand, political, military and economic dynamics of international relations. Through analysis and strategic reflection, the Center aims to study both traditional aspects of defense and security issues and also the developments generated by fluctuating changes in the sphere of international relations, with special emphasis on regional proximity (Republic of Moldova, Ukraine etc.), which can be summarized under the following research topics:
  • Black Sea and its strategic importance;
  • Regional issues: Europe, Russia / CIS, Republic of Moldova,Turkey and Middle East;
  • BRICS and the new world order;
  • Environment and climate changes;
  • European integration and neighborhood policy.